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Insolvency administration


Draw on years of experience

Our firm specialises in insolvency administration. For more than 40 years the solicitors at AndresPartner have been appointed as insolvency administrators to help companies in dire economic situations. Our goal is to restructure parts of companies that are worth preserving, so that creditors receive the best possible satisfaction and workers keep their jobs. Restructuring through transfer companies as well as designing and implementing insolvency plans are the tools of choice for this.


We take care of the core tasks in insolvency administration with our own employees.We don't use any third-party service providers who collect commission based on the size of the insolvent assets. This includes the maintenance of the insolvency table, insolvency bookkeeping, processing and paying insolvency benefit claims, assessing and enforcing disputes and liability claims, recovering accounts receivable and insolvency controlling. Consultant fees are never deducted from the insolvency estate for assessing and enforcing legal claims.
Cases are billed based only on the Solicitor Compensation Law (RVG).


Our guiding principles

  • Best possible creditor satisfaction as per §1 InsO
  • Restructuring and continuing companies wherever possible
  • Staying independent of all creditor groups
  • Transparency before courts and creditors
  • Keeping third-party cost deductions from the insolvency estate low