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Examine and monitor

Appointment as a trustee in a self-administration or combination process is a duty with special responsibility. On one hand, it is imperative to monitor the orderly progress of the proceedings and to carefully represent the interests of the creditors. Unsecured creditors in particular require a representative of their interests as they are regularly under-represented in creditors’ committees.

On the other hand, companies and the restructuring consultants acting on behalf of them need their own freedom to sustainably restructure them. Since we ourselves work as consultants for self-administered insolvent companies, we have seen things from this perspective quite often. We are always available and happy to discuss ideas for solutions with you.

Consequently, we view our role in self-administered insolvencies as a moderator with sound judgement who reconciles the differing interests of various creditor groups with the restructuring objectives of the company. If desired by the insolvency court and the company, we can also take over cash management (bookkeeping) as well as carrying out the disbursal of insolvency benefits.