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Company insolvency


Experience from more than 2,000 cases

When we are appointed by the insolvency court as provisional insolvency administrator as part of a company's insolvency proceedings,  our focus lies directly on securing available assets and assessing options for continuing operations.
If the company is still active, we begin immediate talks with the management on options for continuing the company and start the first required actions. Generally we then manage to maintain company operations during the provisional proceedings. We then try to find an opportunity for an investor to take over, even if the company is very small, or to create and implement an insolvency plan together with the company.

In around 70% of cases we achieve that too. As a result, higher proceeds can be gained from the assets and the insolvency estate relieved of obligations related to staff and property leases. This all has a positive impact on the expected dividend for the creditors.

On average, the dividend attained by us for unsecured creditors is around 10% and thus nearly double the German average. At the same time, all insolvency-specific claims are identified, assessed and asserted against opposing parties. If it does not seem economical to pursue a claim, we refrain from doing so in order to preserve remaining assets.