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Your right to insolvency proceedings

We advise companies or private persons on all legal issues concerning insolvency proceedings. Our main concern is on how you are affected by the law governing employment, corporate and liability matters.


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Contests: Verifying claims

In insolvency proceedings, creditors or organs of a company are often confronted with claims of contest by the insolvency administrator or court-appointed custodian. You can rest secure in the knowledge that our vast experience as insolvency administrators ensures that we are deeply familiar with insolvency contests and can react nimbly to all constellations. We are conversant with the difficulties faced by the insolvency administrator when providing evidence and can accurately assess the extent of the threat our clients are likely to face in the event of a contest.

Advising stakeholders: Avoiding financial losses

We know from experience that many creditors, such as suppliers, do not take legal advice in insolvency proceedings. Above all, the increasing number of protective shield proceedings and self-administration proceedings with their associated insolvency plans represent a major legal risk for non-specialists. The considerable financial losses resulting from this can often be avoided by taking timely and specialist legal advice.

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Directors’ and Officers’ liability: Defending claims

Members of the board and managing directors often face liability and contest claims from insolvency administrators and court-appointed custodians. As we have been actively working as insolvency administrators for decades, we know exactly what to do to defend such claims. We are conversant with the relevant standards, and always base our work on the latest case law.

Buying companies out of insolvency: Distressed M&A

Buying a company or a restructured company out of insolvency often takes place under time pressure and requires specific insights into the company’s standing. Be assured that as experienced restructuring practitioners, we know the ropes and can advise investors about how to make a better offer for the creditors, even without having to offer a higher purchase price.

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Employment law: apposite strategies for complex situations

Restructuring also often requires adjustments to be made in terms of personnel requirements, which can be an extremely emotional area. Drawing on our experience of restructuring hundreds of companies, we operate with tact and sensitivity, skills that will help us to develop and implement the right strategy with you to take the necessary measures, including:

  • Planning and implementing new remuneration structures
  • Negotiating restructuring collective agreements
  • Negotiating reconciliation of interests and redundancy plans
  • Reducing staff numbers in conjunction with transfer companies
  • Drafting and implementing acquisition plans

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