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We support companies in times of crisis

Over time, the challenge of restructuring companies as part of insolvency administration has resulted in the approach of using a restructuring consultant to help business owners in crisis and in doing so re-establish their companies sustainably. Our experience shows that many companies wait too long before seeking advice on restructuring options using self-administration or combination methods. They hope that the situation will get better. On the other hand, we advocate action instead of hoping for the best. Only acting at the right time can avoid a company being broken up and suffering considerable private financial loss.

As insolvency administrators we have learned how to analyse the causes of a crisis quickly and comprehensively. Finding actions to resolve crises at short notice is part of our daily business. Whereas others become frantic and anxious, we remain calm, analyse the situation and find ways out of the crisis. The Insolvency Code provides great possibilities for this thanks to options for self-administration, the combination method and using your own toolbox, especially after the introduction of the law to ease company restructuring (ESUG).